The Best Couple Gaming Setup Ideas

Are you looking for some couple gaming setup ideas? Then congratulations! You are in the right place!

Firstly the video game industry is booming with millions of gamers across the world. They are constantly looking for new ways to get better gaming experience.

Secondly many gamers like to play games in co-op mode, which can be done by either inviting friends or getting a co-op partner. Thirdly this setup provides high replayability value to the game and even makes it more enjoyable.

If you’re a couple, then chances are that gaming is as much of your life as it is mine. I go to work and come home to my girlfriend or wife who I’ll watch Netflix with or sometimes we’ll raid that dungeon on the game together. But let’s be honest, even if you don’t have a significant other there’s still something romantic about playing games together and some things are just clichéd in this day and age.

We ranked these ideas from normal to the best! So keep scrolling until the end.

The Normal Couple Gaming Setup

This one is pretty much the basic idea. On the right the masculine side being represented by the black color. Meanwhile on the left side we have the classic girly pink color.

The Almost Good Setup

This one is when we start improving the level. We introduce the cool lighting.

The Good Setup

Oh my god, look at this perfect classy setup. The harmony between lights is just insane!

The Perfect Couple Gaming Setup

Okay, in this one we are living in the future. The harmony in everything. EVEN the floor is extremely well made.

What do we recommend

Firstly I think you should start with the gaming chairs:

For girls:

This one is absolutely amazing! Click here to check it

For men:

This one is insane! Click here to check it

Finally some lighting

Check these lights
Or these ones

Also if you want to check some memes click here

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