Minecraft Server IP – How To Join The Best SMP

You want to join the best SMP for FREE? Good job! You are in the right place to get the minecraft server ip.

You’re looking for a Minecraft server ip? Welcome to DD SMP!

DD SMP is a free Minecraft smp server made for players who wants to play seriously, without any grief and to have fun.

The players lives in a village that they built together called the DD village. In this village you can do a lot of fun stuff such as playing tournaments, doing PvP fights in the arena, racing against each other, electing a mayor (who knows maybe you can be the next mayor!) and much more fun stuff. Above all this smp is much more than just playing a game. It’s about socializing with people, creating new friendships from all over the world and finding a place where you belong.

In addition the server is for Java and Bedrock players. Most importantly before entering the world of DD SMP you must read the rules and accept them. Click here to read the rules.

Get the Minecraft server IP

  • Server Name: DD SMP
  • Java Edition IP: mc.damajed.com (I show you step by step how to add the server in the Java Edition in the video below)
  • Bedrock Edition IP: ddsmp.mooo.com
  • Bedrock Edition Port: 25583 (If you don’t know how to join the server in Bedrock Edition, I made a step by step tutorial about how to add a custom server. Click here to check it out)

On the other hand you must join the discord server of the SMP to get the latest announcement, to socialize with the players and much more.

In addition in this server you can claim your own land to avoid griefers. There’s also an in-game currency (★) which allow you to buy and sell items between players and in the mall, get paid for the jobs that you make in the village, pay taxes, teleport to other people and much more. Also make sure to check the command list of the server.

In conclusion welcome to the best free minecraft smp minecrafter!

Still can’t join? Watch this video

Ways to help the server to grow and have more players

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