Rules Of DD SMP

Before entering the server you must read all these rules and agree to them

  • No cheats or hacks allowed.
  • No toxicity, no cursing, no griefing and no racism.
  • Don’t follow DD for no reason.
  • Don’t troll and be productive.
  • Don’t kill other people for no reason.
  • 1v1 is allowed only if both agreed.
  • Spamming and promotions are not allowed.


  • Don’t randomly put blocks anywhere.
  • Ugly skyscraper with random blocks are not allowed. We could destroy your claim land if you build very high.
  • Everyone is called to clean the map if they see random blocks. Keeping our map clean and beautiful should be our priority.
  • If what you claimed is still ugly and uncomplete for more than a week. We can destroy it.
  • You have to claim only the land that you’re considering to build on. Claiming a big land without building anything on it is considered as claim abuse and we’re allowed to remove it.
  • Please don’t help DD, he’s literally the owner and if he wanted to get some stuff he could summon it. Helping DD is bannable.
  • Looting a big number of Elytras and other important rare items (2 is maximum per player) and selling them in Auction House is not allowed.

Ways to help the server to grow and have more players

To get the server IP click here.